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Hogtied, starring Emma Haize, Sgt. Major

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Emma Haize is taken by Sgt Major and used like a little bondage plaything in the fantasy role play featurette.

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Jessica Ryan has creamy skin, long red hair and an inviting grin that makes you want to stuff her face full of dick. Which is exactly what we are going to do today. And we are bringing not one but two cocks to the table for the task. We don't need her p...

Nicotine: First time pussy licker....

Let's all welcome Nicotine, the first timer... Nicotine and I have been talking for a while about her coming on HT with me. We even met up an an event where I introduced her to a number of Kink models so she would feel more at ease. Well one of those mo...

Defiant Kirra learns to love being dominated

The beautiful Kirra starts off with an agenda, to learn to love being dominated. She has never been tied before & is usually in charge. We have other plans for her. Put into her first bondage, Kirra quickly learns that all things change when place into ...

Hot MILF suffers the most painful bondage Category 5 suspension made to squirt all over the place

Felony is no stranger to Hogtied, but she has never worked with Matt Williams. This might just be epic. We all know that when Felony cums, a sex demon temporary enters her body and she becomes some insane host to a beast from a parallel sex dimension. T...

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Scarlet de Sade has an incredible body. With legs for days and tits that just won't quit, Sgt. Miles is all over this little whore. Not to mention that it's clear she LOVES sex of any kind - this desperate little slut is thirsty for his hard cock shoved...

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Charolette came to us to be tied & masturbated. So, I tied her & fucking masturbated her till she was jumping out of her fucking skin! She was so wired that she even fucked herself again after I removed her ropes!

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Paisley Parker is the sort of girl you WISHED lived next door. Wholesome, fresh faced and cute as they come. Lucky for us, those wholesome looks are in direct contrast to the wanton sexual animal that lurks beneath those big brown eyes. She is here toda...

Darkness - When you can't see you can't tell what you are about to suffer.

Darkness is where Anastasia lives. Her world is plunged into the blankness of a hood. The heavy metal manacles ache against her wrists and ankles. Every movement is painful. Every sound is terrifying.She can't tell what is coming or where it is coming f...