Spiked Part One - Kat gets her fill of spikes!

Real Time Bondage, starring Kat Monroe

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Kat Monroe and Luna Lovely look so cute in their Easter outfits. Cat and bunny ears and even a butt plug tail for Kat. It's not all so innocent though. This livefeed is all about Kat's suffering. She starts off kneeling on the spike board. The members have seen it a few times in the past feeds, but this time it's going to be the undoing of Kat.She spends the entire prefeed on her knees or on her butt. Luna hugs her shoulders putting more weight down onto the harsh spikes. Kat begs to change her position, but each time she does it hurts even more. The marks are already showing through her skin just from putting pressure on the spikes. Once the prefeed is over Kat has to dance on the spikes. First on her feet then she gets down and rubs her body all over them.Finally Kat is tied to the floor and put into an extreme back bend with a spike mat under her. Tight nipples pull her arch even higher. Kat begs for release.

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