Ana Foxxx is cute as a kitten with a runway models body. Handcuffed, throat fucked, made to cum!

Sexually Broken, starring Ana Foxxx, Matt Williams

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Welcome the beautiful Ana Foxxx to Sexually Broken. Ana is cute as a kitten, with a runway model's body. Long strong legs, a perfect tiny tight ass, and the softest, sexiest skin. Still dressed in the outfit she got off the plane in, we toss a huge ring gag at Ana and make her put it on. We have her wrap a heavy chain around her sexy waist and lock it. She is given handcuffs and told to handcuff her hands in front of her. We step in and lock her hands with a chain through her legs, trapping her hands in front with a chain crotch rope. A hard cock awaits her huge open mouth, we make her stand straight and spread, lowing her mouth down on the hard cock. The cock slides down her throat, deep and furious. She tries to use her hands but the crotch chain prevents her. Her tight ass clenches as we hold the cock down her throat. She soon realizes this cock sucking is going to be a battle of survival, cock vs throat and without hands or any way to close her mouth she is going to lose in spectacular fashion. We place her on her knees and begin an intense skull fucking session. We push her past anything she has ever encountered before, the cock dances in and out, challenging her to the limit of her ability. She steps up and takes it, true dedication to her craft, this earns our respect and reward. The reward being cock and orgasms. We change her bondage, now her hands are trapped behind her head, elbows bound in front, a unique but very helpless postion to be in. We have her fuck us, she mounts and the cock slides deep into her wet pussy. She rides us for her own pleasure. We stand her up, bend her over and fuck her hard from behind. She cums, helpless we sit her down and skull fuck her into subspace. On the ground we vibrate and finger blast her to several move orgasms. We bring in a belt and totally restrict her movement. We make her cum yet again and leave her to struggle. This was a good warm up, a successful "Meet and Greet"

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